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Rudy at Lake Crabtree

Dog Portraits in Raleigh, North Carolina

Come and meet this super cute American Bulldog Mix, Rudy!

We took Rudy to Crabtree Lake Park for his Dog Portraits, which, in hindsight, might not have been the best idea as it was a very hot day (high 80’s with a lot of humidity) and the mosquitoes were out to eat us when we were in the wooded part of the park. I think I came away with over 20 bites! That’ll teach me not to bring insect repellent 😉

Rudy is getting older and his mom told me that she would really love to have some dog portraits of him to remember him by. It’s always hard when pets get at that point in their life where they are starting to slow down. We had to take plenty of breaks during his session, as it was hot and humid and that tired all of us out.

Here’s Rudy, posing next to some flowers!

This was taken in the little wooded area next to the lake. I really love the bokeh in the background.

Sarah and Rudy have such a wonderful bond. I had a very hard time getting Rudy to look at me, because he was always so incredibly focused on his mom.

One of Sarah’s favorite things about Rudy was his pumpkin colored eyes.. so of course those needed to be captured in great detail. 😉

I hope you enjoyed some of the highlight images of Rudy’s photo shoot! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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