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Frequently Asked Questions


My dog isn't trained well enough for a photoshoot!

I have years of experience working with dogs, and the thing I specialize in is dog behavior! It is 100% okay for your dog not to listen during the photo shoot, in fact, I am counting on it. If your dog does listen, then that’s a bonus for me! I have a whole arsenal of tools and tricks to get the right picture of your pooch, even when they aren’t listening.


Do you photograph shy cats?

Yes, I do! But, it does depend on your kitty. If he or she tends to come out of hiding within 30 minutes of a stranger entering your home, or if he/she can be persuaded to come out of hiding with playing or treats we can make it work. However, I cannot force your cat to come out of hiding if he or she really doesn’t want to. This is where my complimentary pre-session consultation really shines; there are no obligations to hire me, and we can see how your kitty responds to my presence.


All the dogs on this website are off leash, but my dog would just run away!

Actually, 90% of the dogs you see on my website are leashed! I am very good with photoshopping out leashes, and removing them from the final image is included in the price of the image. Safety is our number one priority during a session.


My pet is terminally ill/very old, can I hire you?

Yes you can! I will prioritize your session and fit you in as soon as possible, as things can move very fast. We will skip over the pre-session consultation (if desired!) to move things along. I have experience in end of life sessions, and I will make sure I get great images that will last you a life time.


Do you just photograph pets, or can I be in the picture too?

Yes, I definitely take photographs of pets with their owners! In fact these images tend to be session favorites, and I always make a point to include them in the photo shoot.


What if the weather is bad on the day of our shoot?

I will keep a close eye on the forecast in the week leading up to the session, and if the weather turns out to be less than desirable I will contact you to reschedule the session within a reasonable time frame.


How do I go about booking a session?

That’s easy, really! All you have to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] and we can set up a personal pre-session consultation. Alternatively, there are contact forms all over the website, fill one of those out and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Pre-session consultations are awesome in the fact that we can meet first and discuss your needs, and it doesn’t cost you anything. I will show you our pricing, bring samples, meet you and your pets and we go from there!

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What does Amyranth mean?

Amyranth is a portmanteau which combines ‘Amy’ and ‘Amaranth’. Amaranth is an Imaginary flower that never fades (or, a grain, but hey, we like the first meaning more! 😉 )  and Amy means Beloved. And that’s exactly what I do! I photograph beloved pets so their images become immortal and unfading.


How many pets do you photograph at one time?

My sessions accommodate 2 pets at one time. If you have more than two pets that you want photographed in one session, please add $75 per pet to the session fee. You will receive an additional 15-20 images per extra pet. If you have many pets and want them all photographed, please contact me so we can discuss a custom price.


Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! The minimum amount on a certificate is $250, as that is the price of our photography session. Please be aware that our minimum order amount is $350 and make sure that the recipient of the gift certificate knows that, too!


What payment methods do you accept?

We prefer cash or checks, but accept all major credit cards. Additionally, we also offer payment plans.

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