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Hannah & Hope the Husky Shepherd Mix

Falls Lake, North Carolina

Come and meet Hope and her owner, Hannah!
Weather is always one of those factors that comes into play when planning sessions. I am always triple checking the weather patterns days before a scheduled shoot, and will communicate with my clients if there’s even a chance that we might have to reschedule. This however, was one of those odd cases were the forecast for Falls Lake was beautiful, the weather was beautiful when I left to the session location (approx an hour drive for me) but then when I was about 20 minutes away everything started turning dark.. very dark. And then it started raining and thundering! I pulled into the parking lot at Falls Lake and called Hannah immediately – but she was already there, just like I was. We ultimately decided that we’d just go ahead and try to get some images since we were both there and the rain was slowing down a little. Well, in the end it turned out to be a wonderful thing, as the temperature dropped from the high 80’s to mid/low 70’s, and the thunderstorm cleared most of the people out of the park… and the best thing? 5 minutes into our session the rain went away and we got some gorgeous skies. Score!

We explored the wooded area around the beach for a bit, but we got the best images at the beach. Hope had so much fun in the sand, can you tell? 🙂

Hannah and Hope.. How cute are they together??!

This is probably my favorite image of the session – the sky showed some color and I enhanced it in post production.

Hope has the most gorgeous, blue eyes. So of course those had to be captured!

So that’s a few of the highlights of Hannah & Hope’s session. I hope you enjoyed the images!  If you liked the images, leave a comment! It sure is appreciated!

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