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Juneau the Husky

At Jordan Lake, NC

Hey! Let me introduce you to Juneau the Husky and his owner, Sam.

We went to Lake Jordan for Juneau’s photo shoot, as he loves water! Normally we’d have a lot more beach to work with, but because of all the rain that we got in the weeks before the session, the lake was very full and most of the beach was flooded! Nevertheless, we managed to work with it and got some great images out of it.

Juneau loved playing with this little ball. So much, in fact, that I let him keep it!

Here he was jumping after his little yellow ball again. His owner, Sam, did a great job getting him comfortable with water, as Huskies are generally not known to be water dogs!

At the end of our session we went to a little grass area and with the setting sun I managed to get a few more wonderful photographs. Here you can see the gorgeous sunset light filter through the trees.

At the very end we did some silhouette shots by the lake… I personally love this image.

Well that was a small look into Juneau’s session! He was very well behaved for a husky ( 😉 ) and we all had a great time! Are you interested in a session of your own at Lake Jordan? Contact me today using the form below! Autumn is coming up fast, and I bet it will be gorgeous out there.

Are you interested in a photo shoot of your very own? Contact me today to schedule your free, complimentary, no strings attached pre-session consultation.


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