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Mumi & Mymble

Sphynx Portraiture

I want to introduce to you; Mumriken (Mumi) and Mymble, two gorgeous and adorable Sphynx cats. These two were such a pleasure to photograph! I had never met a Sphynx cat before this photo session, and boy did they win me over big time. They aren’t truly naked; they are covered in this velvety layer of down fur and are so soft to the touch.

Mumriken (Mumi) and Mymble are both named after two Swedish comic book characters Mumriken and Mymble from the Moomin book series by Tove Jansson isn’t that incredibly creative naming?

As with almost all cat portraiture sessions, the session was held in their own home, which comes with it’s own set of advantages and challenges. I lucked out however, as we had plenty of gorgeous spots to get some photographs taken. The thing about cat sessions is that you just sort of have to go with the flow and be a pawparratzi ( 😉 ) and follow your subjects around and capture them that way. The more you force cats to do what you want, the more cranky they will look in the final images; and we want happy kitty cats!

Mymble was 6 months old at the time of the session, and was a true supermodel; I had no trouble capturing her, and got plenty of gorgeous images of her. Her Brother, Mumi, was more like a typical cat in the way that he was a little hesitant of this weird person following him around everywhere with this big black thing in her hand! Eventually he relaxed enough around me, and I managed to get some gorgeous shots of him.

When I first arrived we had to get some logistics out of the way first (signing my contract, taking a look at the fine art product samples) and these two little rascals were ALL over my stuff, in my product bag, in my camera bag.. it was hilarious. Anyway… let’s get to the images!

Mymble being cute in front of the bookcase.

Now these two rascals were continuously running around and playing with each other. We initially had some plans to maybe take a picture of them in their bed, but that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon! Here’s a quick snap I got of them playing together.

Like I said… Mymble was a real supermodel 🙂

We went into the bedroom for some fun playtime, but Mumi wasn’t all that into it… Mymble was, though 😉

We tried closing the bedroom door and having some time alone with Mumriken, but he wasn’t very interested in playing… But, we got this shot out of it!

After we played around with the string for a bit, we went back to the living room to discuss what we would do next… and Mymble decided to be perfect and line up right in front of the window allowing me to get a silhouette! Like I mentioned earlier, cat photography is all about being ready at the right time and place, for whatever happens. Well, I got lucky! It’s rather hard to get good silhouettes of cats as the environment needs to be correct, and you can’t pose cats very well.

After all that Heather (Mumriken & Mymble’s mom!) asked me if I wanted to try some outdoor shots.. Well yes I sure did! Here’s Mumriken modeling in front of their beautiful steps.

After we went back indoors I wanted to try one or two more bedroom shots with Mumriken, but he still wasn’t having it… But then he lined up perfectly on the dresser and started washing himself… Score!! Look at this gorgeous image, which looks amazing in black and white.

Well, and that’s some of the highlights of their session! I have plenty more but we’ll keep it to this for now. What do you think of the Sphynx breed? I find them intriguing, and they are so playful and sweet! If you liked the images, leave a comment! It sure is appreciated!

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