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This week’s Project 52 is all about breaking the rules! Photography has a LOT of rules… and rules are meant to be broken! Generally these rules help with taking better and more visually interesting photographs.

The specific rule I broke with this image is one of the most well known ones: The Rule of Thirds. Generally, when you compose your image, you try to put your subject on one of these lines:

And well… I didn’t. Am I not a huge rebel? 😉 Oh wait… I needed to this week – never mind 😀 This image features Jace Centered in the middle of the frame, effectively avoiding all of the lines for a classic ‘rule of thirds’ shot. It works for this image because he is framed by the flowers.. and well he’s just so darn cute! 😉

I wish I had more images to show you this week, but frankly: The rules exist for a reason. They create better photographs. I find it easier to break the rules with Nature and Macro photography: Pet Photography is hard enough as it is without trying to break or avoid rules. I’m busy enough making sure that dog keeps sitting while I try to take a photograph: All the while I’m composing an image, making sure I have the right depth of field going on (wouldn’t do to have the eyes out of focus!) having the dog (or cat, horse or other pet) pay attention to me (okay that one isn’t too hard….. I make the weirdest sounds to get their attention, haha!) except for when it’s my own pets, because they know the weird stuff I do and they are totally used to it, ha!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Project 52 Blog post. Head on over to Jodie from Pawtrait Purrfection, serving Pets and People in Ipswich, Australia – and keep following all the links in the blog circle until you end up back here!

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