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This week’s Project 52 theme is Fantasy.

I have long been a participant of a special project for pet photographers, named “Project 52”. For this project a group of pet photographers comes together and takes photographs around that week’s theme. The goal is to step outside your comfort zone, and challenge yourself to do things you would normally not do. By doing this, you learn more, you learn to think out of the box and you improve your photography!

I didn’t have too much time this week for this challenge, but still managed to find an image!

Jace knew something was around….. but ended up not finding what he was looking for. Little did he know … 🙂

Next up in the blog Circle is St. Cloud MN dog photographer About A Dog Photography – follow the link to her blog, and then keep following the links at the bottom of the blog posts until you’re back here at Amyranth Pet Photography!

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