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Rock & Ludo

Lake Benson Park, Garner, North Carolina

Meet Rock and Ludo! Last May I had the pleasure of photographing these two adorable, super well behaved, brothers at Lake Benson park in Garner, NC. Their Mom, Kassondra, runs her own dog training business and well, it showed! Rock is a three year old Border collie and Ludo is a 7 year old White Shepherd/Yellow Lab mix.

A big (hidden) part of my job is to manage pets and their owners; I know a thing or two about dog training and both people and dog’s body language to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable during my sessions. I didn’t really need to tap into any of that expertise this session; Kassondra and her Husband Randy had everything under control, and I was merely there to take the photographs and pick the correct photography spots and poses. If you’re interested, head on over to Always Pawsitive’s Website to get more information. I highly recommend her and her training methods!

Okay enough talk, let’s get to the images!

Here we have Kassondra posing with Rock and Ludo; Don’t they just look like they adore their mom?!

We walked Rock past lake Benson’s shoreline a few times. His mom had to convince him to stay out of the water! Aren’t those spotted legs just the cutest thing?

One of the things I always ask my clients is which image, that’s on my website, they like the most. Kassondra’s answer was that she really liked the nature shots combined with the subjects. So I set out to get at least one image like that; and we got it! Rock and Ludo posed in front of Lake Benson. Because they’re so well trained, getting them in position was a piece of cake! Kassondra loved this image so much at her ordering consultation that she ordered a 16×24 Metal Print of it… with the question if I could make the sky more interesting. Well why, yes I can! This is the result.

Left is the image that Kassondra saw at her ordering consult. On the right is the final image, complete with a sky replacement.

On our way back to the car I saw a cute little pathway that just begged to be used for a few action shots! So we stopped and took a few pictures here. Rock and Ludo were so well trained, we didn’t even need a leash!

And that was the end of the session.. I hope you enjoyed the images! Don’t forget to head over to Always Pawsitive’s Website!


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