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Equine Session: Phoebe & Xander the Haflinger

Back in May, I had the pleasure to meet and photograph Phoebe and Xander the Haflinger at the beautiful Buckhorn Farms in Holly Springs. I love equine photo shoots and this one was no exception, but what made it even better was that Xander was a total rock star during his session! I have a whole arsenal of tricks up my sleeve to get those pretty little ears perked, but I didn’t need a single one of them; Xander was a natural model and perked his ears at all the right moments. But enough talking, let’s get to the images!

This is a great example, I didn’t have to do a single thing to get him to look like this. Aren’t they the cutest together?!

One of the things Phoebe mentioned on her questionnaire was that she would like riding pictures; so that was the next step of the session, and again, Phoebe and Xander made my job very easy; She rode him very well and needed very little direction from me. Even though I was crouching down in the area (which can be a little scary to some horses, especially with my big camera!) Xander was great and he was so focused on Phoebe that he paid me no heed.

Would you look at how nicely she rode him?! Beautiful! 

Now, one of the things Phoebe mentioned, was that she did not like the fence around the arena. Now I hear you say “Fence? What Fence?!” well, besides being great at handling animals and a camera, I am also a great photoshop wizard! ( 😉 ) so I made the fence go poof! Here’s a before (the image Phoebe saw during her ordering consultation) and a after (the final image), side by side.

While I was taking photographs, I was accompanied by the resident barn cat, who showed me her cavaletti skills! Look at that knee-action! 😀 After showing off her skills she kept me company while I resumed taking pictures.

After the riding was completed we removed Xander’s saddle and had some bareback fun; the connection between these two is apparent in this photograph! Xander looks so happy to be getting a hug from Phoebe. And again; I didn’t have to put in any effort to get his ears up.

After all that excitement Phoebe took care of Xander, fed him his dinner and then we took a few last shots while he was in the pasture. Because it was right around dusk the gnats were terribly active, but I think we can all agree this image made it all worth it.

And that was Phoebe and Xander the Haflinger’s Photo Session! A few weeks after this shoot they went on to win first place in a local dressage show; after seeing them during this session that doesn’t surprise me at all! Congratulations Phoebe!

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